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Japanese Knotweed

Polygonum cuspidatum

Japanese Knotweed is considered a highly invasive plant with all sorts of groups trying to eradicate it.

 We need to take a moment to pause, open our minds and consider that perhaps mother nature is trying to get our attention..

Japanese knotweed may end up being a plant we cannot survive without! It has many powerful actions to protect the human body from emerging infections. Some of its many actions include:

  • Anti-viral

  • Widely anti-microbial

  • Anti-fungal

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-oxidant

It protects the heart by anti -thrombotic actions, inhibits platelet clumping (blood clots),

balances inflammatory reactions so they stay under control (cytokine cascades)

And more…

Bacteria and virus use the body to create carefully orchestrated patterns of inflammation. They actually take over the entire production of the cell to suit their needs. The cells are ‘held prisoner’ so to speak to perform the functions the microbes direct.

Japanese knotweed along with other herbs are able to stop them from taking over the cells functions . They are able to shut down the pathways the bacteria use to generate the most damaging cytokines. Japanese knotweed actually shields the brain from the effects of this damaging inflammation.

The herb also seems to be able to reduce local immune overstimulation such as with arthritis pain.

Buhner Herbal Antivirals, Viral Encephalitis page166 with listed references.

Additional research:

Breaking up biofilms is critical with certain bacteria that like to hide out and protect themselves from antibiotic medications.

Interesting article from Dr. Axe discussing the benefits of Japanese Knotweed as well as the mushroom Cordyceps


Japanese Knotweed presents itself as The Enforcer. All must play fair in the body or leave. Knotweed strips viruses, bacteria etc. of their negative intent. Some will stay harmlessly in the playground of the body, some will dissolve and some will just disappear. Red and White Blood cells will be purified

Knotweed protects every body and everything (including the land it is growing on) from the harmful bacteria, virus etc. This has become an invasive plant for a reason. It has a big job to do.

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