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Carrier and Essential Oils

Bath, Body and Shower Oils

Luscious carrier oils from around the world infused with fragrant, soothing essential oils and herbs. These are wonderful as body or face oils, such as the white camellia seed oil highlighted below.


Other blends are lovely in the bath or shower. The current trend seems to be spraying eucalyptus oil on  shower walls, or curtains and letting the steam create a powerful sauna experience. There are many variations on this such as with the aromatic salts. 

Custom blended oils, based on clients needs and preferences, are always available and used regularly with our reflexology sessions.

Watch for monthly and seasonal offerings on the Botanical Spotlight Page.

One of my favorite carrier oil is White Camillia Seed oil from Japan, (secret of the Geishas). It is perfect to use alone on the face to cleanse and/or moisturize. It is available year round and a great base for many body or face oil blends.


Used on the body, creapy skin fades into the  background. Combine with a few drops of clary sage, fennel and lavender and you have  a mentally soothing and uplifting treat.

Beauty Care
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