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Botanical Spotlight

May & June

RELEASE is a refreshingly light blend of 6 essential oils. It was created to help clear stale, stuck energy. 

Like a spring tonic for the mind and soul, the aromatic molecules work to open pathways for old energies such as grief, loss, sadness and more, to dissolve and clear.


Spritz the room, the car, and or yourself. Carry with you to refresh during the day and/or clear and uplift spaces you may enter. 





The individual oils and their unique properties are listed below.

Essential Oil Blend

Available as Aerosol or Roll On

Atlas Cedar from Morocco. Organically produced Cedrus atlanticus


  • Deep, woody, uplifting, warming, rejuvenating

  • Anti-depressant, helps one to feel grounded, and balanced, Stimulates a sense of wellbeing

  • May improve sleep as it calms an overactive mind

  • Potent anti-inflammatory


Coriander seed CO2 select - Corandrum sativum - Ethically farmed-ukraine


  • A stimulant for people who are feeling low, transmuting these to higher mentally balanced and expanded feelings

  •  Reduces dizziness

  • It also has a calming effect on those who suffer a shock or trauma

  • Reduces stress and assists sleep

  • Calms anxiety and has been shown to have activity similar to diazepam (valium)


Bourbon, or Rose Geranium - Pelargonium graveolens cv.Rose


  • Most comforting of the oils 

  • Especially beneficial for easing heartache

  • Balances seratonin, reduces anxiety, fear and stress levels

  • Inhaling may also influence your heart rate, hormones, breathing, blood pressure and immune system



Wild orange- Citrus sinensis - wild  


  • Creates a happy, relaxed feeling

  • Restores vitality

  • Relieves depression, melancholy and chronic anxiety

  • Helps one to remain balanced during life’s challenges

  • Helps detach from the intensity of drama and unknown fears



Bergamot - Citrus bergamia - organic Italy


  • This essential oil has been found by numerous studies to have soothing and mood-boosting properties. According to research published in 2004 in the International Journal of Aromatherapy bergamot was found to have uplifting, sedative, fear-reducing and anxiety relieving properties

  • RELEASES depression and stress related conditions

  • Eases fear held in the physical body


Ylang Ylang Complete - Canaga odorata from Madagascar


  • Anti-depressive - anxiety, sadness, chronic stress, has uplifting effect

  • Helpful after nervous breakdown, after a shock or accident

  • Hypotensive - lowers blood pressure

  • Sedative -  calms nervous, stress, anger and anxiety while inducing a relaxing feeling  

  • Nervine - strengthens nervous system and repairs damage it may have suffered

  • Reduces stress on the nerves and protects them from developing a number of nervous disorders

  • Helps release feelings of tension and irritation allowing Joy to naturally flow back into the heart

  • Sleep, great for sleep!

  • Helps dissipate emotionally charged states. Relaxing the mind allows for a change of perspective 

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