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Botanical Perfumes & Aerosols

Botanical Perfumes

Perfumes can be take 4-6 months and even years to make and mature. I carry many oils, and make accords periodically to sit and mature. When a perfume is offered it will be in a limited amount. All are made with natural products

Many fragrances can be composed with only a few oils and be delightful. Fresh citrus with florals, woods or green notes can be worn right away and change very little. Watch for these on the Botanical Spotlight Page.

Bespoke blends are available with consultation and can be lovely. The fragrance will change over the months and won't be the same as when first created. These can be worn right away, or left to mature.

Botanical Aerosols

There is a palpable energy felt when you walk into a home. It is the energy created and left by the people living there. If the inhabitants were happy, then the space feels pleasant and welcoming. If there has been arguing, anger and negative emotions, you will feel uneasy.

This energy can 'stick' to you and shift your mood even after you have left the space. This can and should be cleared before you get in your car to go home.

Furniture always tells the story of the previous owners. Those sensitive to energy, many times, are able to discern a bit of history by the energy embedded in the piece. 


All spaces, furniture and 'material things' benefit from periodic clearing. Essential oils are of such a high vibrational frequency that lower energies are removed. Not unlike opening the doors and windows for a great airing. Certain oils and botanicals have been used for years to break up and disperse denser energy.

These will be offered periodically on the Botanical Spotlight Page, or contact me for a custom blend.

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