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Cordyceps - The Caterpillar Mushroom - Himalayan Gold

Cordyceps is an interesting mushroom. In the wild it parasitizes a particular species of caterpillar and the fruiting body pops out of the head! Journey to Nepal or Tibet for this and expect to pay approximately $20,000+ per pound.

Cordyceps can be found in the wild, but is mostly grown on grain at this time. There has been a good bit of research to compare the properties of wild vs. farmed and while compounds vary in amounts, the commercially grown mushrooms are similar enough to be very effective.

The main ingredient in our Tincture # 1 is Cordyceps. The mushrooms we source are grown in China, and we use the fruiting bodies, not the mycelium (root like structures running underground).

While not primarily antibacterial, Cordyceps is a potent immunodaptigen and systemic tonic. If immunity is low, it raises it. If immunity is too high it lowers it.

Quoting Dr. Stephen Buhner’s book,  Herbal Antivirals, “When taken regularly, if the immune system is stressed, the herb will stimulate the immune system in just the right way to respond to the stressor (say bacteria or virus) while lowering the levels or inhibiting entirely the cytokines (inflammatory chemicals) that the bacteria or virus caused the body to generate.”

This mushroom helps increase oxygen utilization in the mitochondria, and stimulates energy production for the body. It protects the liver, inhibits renal failure and strengthens the heart.

Dr. Buhner states that Cordyceps is useful for any respiratory infection, inflammation in the brain, weakness after any chronic infection and much more.

Dr. Stephen Buhner - Herbal Antivirals - pages 338-355

If considering taking Cordyceps as a supplement on its on, please purchase the book (available on amazon) to see the clinical research (human) and dosing.

Please NOTE:

  • Cordyceps is synergetic with Cyclosporine A and the amount of the drug would need to be lessened depending on how much cordyceps is being taken.

  • The hypoglycemic actions of the herb may reduce the dosing for diabetic medications as well

  • Please check with your physician concerning these matters.

Also recommended John Holliday and Matt Cleaver, On the Trail of the Yak: Ancient Cordyceps in the Modern World ( 2004)

Energetically, Cordyceps is said to heal the nerves. By sending energy through each nerve, cordyceps works to clear roadblocks and repair broken lines so the energy can flow freely. This should help reconnect and restore the physical senses.

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