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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Coptis chinensis

Rhodiola rosea

Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis)

Distilled water

Organic grain alcohol

Vegetable glycerine

Tincture #2

  • Begin with 1-2 drops under the tongue on an empty stomach.

    Formula #2 works a bit slower and more gently than Formula #1  energetically, but it is very powerful.

    If taking 1 drop causes nausea (it did with me when I first tried it), then try adding it to a liquid or a teaspoon of an oil such as coconut oil, or butter. This coats the stomach and can help keep it settled.

    I am able to take it without issue now, but I am not takeing any meds.


  • Formula #2 will go to where it is most needed first. If you are experiencing a lot of anger and frustration, you may feel it in your nausea as the liver is stimulated. If you are feeling fearful, it may affect the energy of the kidneys first.

    Formula 2 will go in to clear some of the biggest blockages first before working to detox the entire body. If you have used it for several months then you can try 1 or 2 drops of Formula #1.

    Please check with your physician if you are taking a number of medications before using.


    Feel free to call with questions.

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