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Cordyceps militaris 1:1 extract - see product page

Uncaria rhynchophylla - thorns

Uncaria tomentosa -  bark

Isatis indigotica root and leaf

Licorice glycyrrhiza spp. - root

Polygonum cuspidatum - root

Distilled water

Organic grain alcohol

Vegetable glycerine

Organic Apple Cider

Tincture # 1

  • Optimal dosage is:

    2 drops under the tongue on an empty stomach.

    This allows the botanicals to enter the bloodstream and get to work immediately. This is a great tonic dose for optimal wellness, mental clarity and enhanced immunity.

    It is particularly useful before meditation, yoga, or any practice focusing on the energy fields.

    If feeling under the weather, several dropperfulls can be taken as needed. Begin slowly then increase.

    These can be taken directly or added to a hot or cold drink. Obviously, they are stronger if taken directly.




  • Do not take Formula #1 if you have high blood pressure. Start with Formula #2.

    The energetic effect is strong and medications (HBP meds as well as others) create obsticles that are more difficult to work around.


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